Our name, Black Standard Coffee, was first inspired by our very own black standard poodle, Jake.  Known for his ability to give “high fives” to complete strangers, his only vice is stealing your heart while stealing your seat (yes, if you came over to our house and sat on our couch and then got up... there is a 100% chance Jake would be in your spot when you came back). 

But spend even a little time with Jake, and you won't want to leave... he's turned cat lovers into dog, well, at least poodle, enthusiasts.  In many ways, we hope a cup of Black Standard Coffee will leave you feeling the same way.

Besides the connection to our poodle, our name represents our passion and mission: To roast blends that live up to what we have deemed the “black standard.”  And that standard is that no matter how you like your brew, we guarantee our beans will taste delicious in their purest form.

black standard poodle dog with coffee cup