We believe that where and how we get our coffee beans matter, that is why anything you sip from us is better than Fair Trade.

Yes, our beans are "direct trade coffee," or bought through the Farm Gate process.  Farm Gate means that a price was negotiated with the farmer directly “at the farm gate,” or without any of the confusing export and import fees. 

So what is the difference between Farm Gate and Fair Trade?

Farm Gate allows coffee bean producers to make premium prices for providing high quality coffee.  This allows them to continue to invest in improving their bean production. 

Fair Trade is a farm cooperative certification – that is, it does not allow certification for small independent farms. Coffee cooperatives are often not what consumers might think. There are many excellent cooperatives, and sadly, many that are corrupt, and mired in bureaucracy.

Fair Trade certifies that the cooperative received the FT price, but it does not guarantee that the men and women who produce your coffee were paid the FT price.

The supplier we work with avoids the bureaucracy of cooperatives that sometimes do not share premium prices with their farmer members and guarantees prices are at least 50%, if not more than 100% higher than Fair Trade (FT) minimums.

We hope you not only taste the difference of our beans, but also know that by choosing Black Standard Coffee, you are a part of helping to improve the livelihoods of the families who produce them.

black coffee in a white mug