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Coffee Basics | What's Your Ideal Roast?

Yes, it it important to explore what types of origins of coffee you like...

BUT FIRST- understanding the differences between and finding your preference for roast-types is essential. 

How your coffee is roasted will affect the outcome of your brew... so here are some basic differences to consider when making a selection:

Common names for light roast coffee beans

Light Roast Coffee Beans:

Appearance: Light Brown and no oil

Taste: Toasted grain with pronounced acidity; original flavors of the bean are retained

Roast: Generally not roasted beyond first crack

Light roasts also retain the most caffeine from the coffee bean

common names for medium roast coffee beans

Medium Roast Coffee Beans:

Appearance: Medium Brown and no oil

Taste: Less grainy taste, more balanced flavor, aroma,and acidity 

Roast: Roasted between the end of the first crack and just before the beginning of the second crack

Most Common roast type

Common Names for Medium Dark Roast coffee beans

Medium Dark Roast Coffee Beans:

Appearance: Richer, darker color with some oil

Taste: Heavier, spicier body

Roast: Beginning or middle of the second crack

The roaster's process can significantly influence the taste at this roast

common names for dark roast coffee beans

 Dark Roast Coffee Beans:

Appearance: Dark brown in color with a sheen oil

Taste: Bitter, smoky 

Roast: Roasted until the end of the second crack or longer

Dark roasts are typically used in espresso blends


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